Concept Artist

Concept Artist


Posted 4 years ago

Are you open to new ideas, perspectives and cultures and believe that it takes a world to build a world? At JetSynthesys, you’ll work alongside passionate and talented teams who are imagining the future of entertainment.

We’re looking for a Creative Development Artist who can create concept art and illustrations for JetSynthesys games. Your goal is to bring to life the characters and environments through epic pre-production concepts and inspiring illustration works to be used across the company.


  • Create character and environment concepts for pre-production of All game.
  • Create environment mood paintings, lighting studies, and color keys
  • Create highly polished illustrations for animated sequences to promote new content and expansions.
  • Partnering with internal and external artists to collaborate on large and creatively complex assignments
  • Create illustration work to be used across the company for JetSynthesys, Gamescom, marketing, promotional material, etc.
  • Create concept art and illustration work to help the game development teams with their creative and artistic goals.
  • Work with art directors and direct to create a vision for our creative projects across the team.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 6+ years of conceptual experience in designing, developing and shipping major game systems in a published game or entertainment market.
  • Exceptional ability in creating traditional 2D art with ability to work fast on conceptual ideas as well as work meticulously for a polished image for public consumption.
  • Expertise in shape design, silhouette and structure as well as color and conceptualization.
  • Exceptional understanding of human and creature anatomy to stylize and create compelling & memorable characters portraying emotions & feelings.
  • Must have a love for games, movies, animation and dissecting them and exploring new ways of improving them.
  • A passion for JetSynthesys games and understanding the unique approach to creating art for our games is a must.
  • Proficiency in 3D and vector graphics software is a bonus.


6+ years of conceptual experience


  • Portfolio – Only digital applications will be accepted such as a website, blog, or online album.
  • An art test may be requested during the interview process.

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