Publicam is a patented* platform that builds a digital captive community around you by bringing your followers onto an exclusive-to-you app. In today’s world, communities are captive to social media networks. We seek to change that to a scenario where your following is captive to you.

Our world-class technology platforms are the critical building blocks that give our products and partners the technological capability to service the daily needs of a billion+ mobile users. Our core patented technology platform Publicam is built using native code, and can support the implementation of white labelled, complex customer facing apps providing superior user experience and enabling quick go to market.

Publicam allows you to effectively:

  • Reach every member of your community on a single platform (from all touchpoints)
  • Engage with them across all touchpoints
  • Access to detailed analytics and consumer behaviour
  • Increase your own following and drive retention
  • Leverage your audience to drive incremental revenue

“Increase ROI on marketing investment / spend and maximize monetization of your captive base”

Publicam was solely created to help promote companies, brands, celebrities, and interest communities, by captivating and engaging in real-time.

By developing strong relationships, through comprehensive user analytics and personalization, the ground-breaking platform is able to utilize a multitude of methods to enable clients to monetize from their brand or product.

Publicam is built using native code, and the platform can support the implementation of white labelled, complex customer facing apps providing superior user experience and enabling quick go to market.

Publicam has been designed with a vast in-built suite of community-based engagement features creating an essential two-way relationship for our clients and their end users. This includes social media aggregation, UGC, community forums, OTT, loyalty points and gamification with leaderboard.

The platform collates all the customer interactions, in accordance with GDPR compliant consumer registrations as well as user behaviour analytic data.

Publicam simplifies the experience of app development to the point of perfection, empowering clients with not just an app at the end of the day but a digital ecosystem on which to captivate their online end-customers and followers.

The technology building blocks, which form the core of our solutions are:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the core of all our products and solutions. Our AI technology enables us to better understand our users, their habits and preferences, providing them with a more unique user experience


Blockchain is the essential technology building block in our solution portfolio for virtual currency, customer rewards and loyalty points. In-App currencies and the Rewards Engine used throughout all our products and solutions are powered by blockchain

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) are being used in our constant development of next-gen sophisticated consumer engagement solutions and experiences. AR enables everything from navigation over gamification to special features bringing items, celebrities or characters in to your home.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Through the use of Virtual Reality technology, we create immersive experiences for our users. VR supports in-app experiences allowing the user to get close to the world of your celebrity, inviting them behind the scenes, play as the lead character in a game, and much more.

Video Streaming

Video Streaming technology is the heart of our OTT and Social applications. Our streaming platform supports adaptive streaming in up to 4K quality, Live as well as 360 degrees video streaming. All kept secure through Hollywood Studio approved DRM protection

Big Data

Using Big Data technology and capacities within analytics enables us to understand consumer behaviours and identify patterns which help us define and design new features, improve engagement and provide recommendations to our customers



Integrated payment gateway with telecom operators & wallets


EOS based private Blockchain network


Integrated Content Management Solutions


A platform with adaptive and progressive streaming, live broadcast, dual video merging & User Generated Content (UGC) support

Ecommerce Module

Offers product listing, managing inventory and smart product recommendations


A Loyalty point exchange platform which enables points redemption in real cash or other game/app points

Social Media Aggregator

Social Media Aggregation and Integration : Ability to manage and access all social networks in one place


A Chat Platform with text, audio and video functionalities


Platform for monetization through Influencer based Marketing


An SDK that offers in-app tracking to understand consumer behavior and user journey

Community platform

A social forum which supports member interactions, community feed, discussions, Quiz and polls

Round-the-clock (24X7)

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