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Delivering high engagement for rapidly growing Gen Z audiences with our ecosystem of world class products.

We have a deeply connected ecosystem with

jetsynthesys ecosystem icon significant synergies to drive growth

We have a deeply connected ecosystem with jetsynthesys ecosystem icon significant synergies to drive growth

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Where pixels become a passion

Immerse into the universe of gaming, esports, and music, where the passions of the Gen Z converge to elevate engagement to the next level.

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Embark on a Journey Within

Empowering users to think, feel, and live right with a range of digital products and platforms.

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The Next Frontier of Immersive Experiences

Reimagining the Vision with an ai Powered Future.

There is a unique blend seen between gaming and entertainment as a result of narrative-driven gameplay that targets the young demographic, growing viewership on streaming services, and mainstream media’s live coverage of e-sports events. And we are focused on monetizing this interest in the next three to five years”

Rajan Navani

Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, JetSynthesys.

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We’re hiring legends.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Your career is about what you want to be and who you want to be. It’s about bringing your skills, your curiosity, and your best true self to your work.

Together, let’s create positive, long-lasting value.

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Driving Social impact Through

Social Enterprise & Innovation

We’re all about sparking innovation, staying relevant, and embracing inclusion and sustainability alongside governments, NGOs, and all stakeholders on this journey.

Inclusional Tech-driven consultancy for DIB – Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging. We boost growth through tech solutions and consulting - jetsynthesys


Seekhlo offers professional development training designed to empower educators with the skills to effectively engage with 21st-century learners and deliver impact-oriented outcomes - jetsynthesys

Seekhlo – Teacher Training Academy