Our aim is to build world class digital products, platforms in India with a goal of impacting the daily digital lives of 1.3 Billion Indians and extending to the world.




With a global audience of over 100 million gamers on multiple platforms, our gaming division #JetPlay boasts of a robust team that has successfully innovated and pioneered celebrity gaming, VR games & more.


Bespoke solutions and OTT/Video & Music Streaming platforms and entertainment applications with cutting-edge technology & artificial intelligent to make the best recommendations & to delight the newest billion+ coming online.


The ultimate audience platforms for celebrities, brands and special interest communities that uniquely aggregating social media feeds, news, videos and photos for ‘Everything you need in one touch’.

Brand and Product


Born out of the deep love of game conceptualization, JetSynthesys Gaming, JetPlay, combines the best of all the worlds: Mobile Gaming, Console, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


“I thoroughly enjoyed reliving my matches with Sachin Saga VR, and I am sure it will resonate with cricket fans and gamers all over the world.”

– Sachin Tendulkar


Full blown OTT/video & music streaming platforms which utilize AI based on user behaviour and content consumption to make intelligent recommendations.

“Kya aapne mera caller tune suna?”

– Salman Khan


The ultimate experience for users by aggregating content across the internet videos & more within one app to create interest based communities and connect individuals with common interests.

“ThinkRight.me has been designed very scientifically, this is a daily journey with handholding atleast 4 times during the day, because we are on this journey of changing old deep habits, and I’m certain you’ll find yourself a new you.”

– Sister BK Shivani


Our Other


Digital Content Creation

Digital Music and video content creation arm of JetSynthesys led by Bollywood Music Director Shamir Tandon which has produced hits such as IshareTere with Guru Randhawa and Dhadkane with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Read More


Digital Media Management

The Digital Media & Content Creation arm of JetSynthesys which helps brands create impactful campaigns to reach their audiences through social media and media buying. Guided by insights and analytics Read More


JetVentures is a strategic early stage fund that invests in founders driven to create meaning with products that capture the imagination and delight the daily lives of users. JetVentures helps founders and their startups leverage the strengths, distribution and access to the Billion+ User.  Read More


JetEngage is a fundamental and key part of JetSynthesys. For more than 10 years, JetSynthesys has been developing cutting-edge consumer engaging technologies and revolutionary solutions already made available for India’s expanding 1.3 billion population. Read More


JetLabs is a strategic accelerator and innovation engine within JetSynthesys that rapidly builds sustainable global consumer products that touch the daily lives of the billion+ users coming online in the categories of Lifestyle, Entertainment, Convenience, Health and Employment. Read More


Located in the heart of Mumbai, it is a co-working space ideal for entrepreneurs that takes collaboration to a new level with creators, innovators and passionate learners.


Our world-class technology platforms are the critical building blocks that give our products and partners the technological capability to service the daily needs of a billion+ mobile users. Our core patented technology platform Publicamis built using native code, and can support the implementation of white labelled, complex customer facing apps providing superior user experience and enabling quick go to market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the core of all our products and solutions, enabling us to better understand our users to provide them a more unique user experience.


Blockchain is the essential technology building block in virtual currencies, in-app currencies, rewards engine & more used throughout our products and solutions.

Augmented reality (AR)

From navigation over gamification to bringing celebrities or characters in to your home, Augmented Reality (AR) is being used in our next-gen sophisticated consumer engagement solutions & experiences.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Through the use of Virtual Reality technology, we create immersive experiences for our users, from getting close to the world of your celebrity, or playing as the lead character in a game & more.

Video Streaming

Video Streaming technology is the heart of our OTT and Social applications. Our streaming platform supports adaptive streaming in up to 4K quality, 360 degree videos & live video streaming.

Big Data

Using Big Data technology and capacities within analytics enables us to understand consumer behaviours to design new features, improve engagement and provide recommendations.

What we can
do for you

We work with people and companies that understand the value of delighting and empowering the daily lives of a billion+ with their products and services.Our solution has been to influence progression in governance, establish unified technology platforms and Big Data analytics, develop relationships with trusted distributors and cultural icons, and offer capital and strategic know-how based on our legacy businesses. And above all, we’ve learned to monetize this exponentially growing market, while staying at the leading edge of the price-performance curve.