JetLabs is a strategic accelerator within JetSynthesys that helps passionate founders build sustainable global consumer products that touch the daily lives of the billion+ users coming online in the categories of Lifestyle, Entertainment, Convenience, Health and/or Employment. We are an innovation engine to serve this new billion+ that now own smartphones with 4G LTE everywhere who are experiencing high unemployment and busy homes and lives.

JetLabs works in 2 models:

As an incubation lab that creates products based on established market needs and then spins them out as they reach critical mas/maturity as separate startups, often with partners who step in as operational co­-founders.

As a co-­founder to startups, bringing the unique skills of technology, analytics and distribution to founders with trying to solve problems that intersect with the areas JetSynthesys is actively involved in.

As JetSynthesys builds the macro­ecosystem that caters to the mission of servicing the daily needs of a billion+ mobile users filling very specific market needs or ‘holes’ that cannot be done by the pure product teams in the organization. They require lean, MVP­esque sprints with top talent to quickly productionize, test with the market, create feedback loops, iterate and then ‘graduate’.