our story

We are JetSynthesys. We are India. We are bridging the world, together with you. JetSynthesys was formed with the driving purpose to enrich the lives of all Indians. We know the terrain well and are shaping the Indian culture and consumers. We passionately keep our finger on the pulse of the shifting trends and the needs of the Indian people as well as the western world. We take pride in being agile and strategic, helping to generate and provide support structures for these different worlds to connect. And we do this all in the name of sharing and cultivating culture to reveal rewards for everyone.

Our mission.

We are here to help build a connected India by developing and bringing world-class products and technology to the billion+ users that are coming online and empowering their daily lives. We work with people and companies that understand the value of delighting and empowering the daily lives of a billion+ with their products and services. We aim to reach every household member in India with content and products that are curated responsibly and resonate with the aspirational needs of its consumers. Over time, these will become next generation globally trusted digital platforms and have the immense potential to transform the daily lives of people by solving complex problems and bringing greater delight using robust digital technologies.

We want to connect with you.

Entering the world’s fastest growing mobile market can feel complex and very challenging. We understand there’s much to navigate when creating and delivering your great idea /product /service into the hands and hearts of 1.3 Billion - hearts we know well - with the JetLine Group of businesses, we've been servicing their needs for decades now. We see the many challenges in servicing this rapidly emerging mobile market including complex monetization problems, distrust of fore-bearers, shifting policy and regulations, and access to distribution channels.

Our solution has been to influence progression in governance, establish unified technology platforms and Big Data analytics, develop relationships with trusted distributors and cultural icons, and offer capital and strategic know-how based on our legacy businesses. And above all, we’ve learned to monetize this exponentially growing market, while staying at the leading edge of the price-performance curve.

For so many, India feels like such a far away place, rich with culture and opportunity to exchange rewards and we want to help bring India close to you and you close to India. We passionately offer powerful insights, resources and relationships to enter into and enable this grand opportunity for you, for us, for all.

We want to create with you.

Dreaming and designing games, entertainment, and lifestyles brands serving the desires and needs of everyday Indian culture is incredibly rewarding and exciting for us. We are also just as thrilled by the powerful creativity of what other brands are producing to bring tremendous value to Indians. We know that we can’t make everything ourselves and we need fresh ideas and new perspectives from so many to address all the growing cultural needs of India. We are here to help the best ideas and brands make sure they get developed and designed with the dynamic creative and technical support ensuring over a billion+ Indian consumers will love your product or service too.

Our solution to supporting brands creatively comes to life and is powered by our suite of technical development (we love code!) , our incubator programs, and our vast resources with some of the best in class creative production/development companies around. Making sure your great offering becomes ready for prime time.

1.3 Billion and You

1.3 billion coming online makes the world a lot smaller and the opportunity a lot greater. We partner with pioneers who want to create and connect worlds, bridge and enrich the daily lives of a billion+. It’s happening right now and we invite you to join us on the journey.

Timeline of the JetLine Group: