JetSynthesys Gaming

JetSynthesys Gaming was born out of a deep love of game conceptualization, development and publishing through JetPlay, the gaming brand of JetSynthesys. To put it simply, we are a group of people who are extremely passionate about games and who will go the extra mile to create great products that entice,entertain and engage our customers. Gaming as an industry, specifically in the Indian context, has immense potential and we as a team intend to fully and consciously harness our skills in order to create path-breaking gaming experiences. With each game, we hope to open up new avenues of exploration in the gaming industry. In India, the company has innovated and pioneered celebrity gaming successfully with a catalogue of over 300 exciting games across HTML, Java, Android and iOS platforms featuring eminent stars like Salman Khan, Sachin Tendulkar and others. Headquartered in Pune and with offices in Europe, UK, US and India, JetSynthesys is equipped with the best in class technical and creative talent, striving to create and connect worlds.


JetSynthesys Gaming combines the best of all the worlds: Mobile Gaming,Console, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality to add to the gaming rage allover the world.  We have the best-in class development team with global games experience including some of the top Global IPs, publishing & distribution of third-party games in over 15 countries and the ability to reach millions of gamers through communities and social channels. We think it is the best time to be operating in the Gaming industry.

The JetSynthesys Partnership

An opportunity for extremely creative and independent studios from across the world to partner with an established company that not only provides technological support but knows the market well. JetSynthesys has access to 1.3 billion prospective consumers as well as exclusive gaming rights to top celebrities. It is a chance to grab a large market share of the under-developed Indian gaming market and an ever-evolving global market. There is a potential to become a large player in the gaming space, building gaming experiences and enabling effective monetization in the Indian gaming market.

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