Wakau is a short format video blogging platform featuring Indian celebrities. The platform enables a tie-up with popular celebrities for exclusively created one-on-one interactions and content. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your favorite celebrity speak with you and share some intimate moments from their life. 


Wakau is the rapidly-growing product that is the result of a joint venture with Peter Chernin’s CA Media. Wakau can be downloaded directly onto the phone and access is immediate and direct. With the Wakau platform, it feels like a personal conversation whether it is Amitabh Bachchan telling you about a special incident in his life or Sachin Tendulkar taking you through his trophy room.  The content is exclusive to Wakau customers and not available on any other platform.


Customers gain access to some of their favorite celebrities. Generally, the world of celebrities and the common man do not intersect despite an interest in celebrity lives. Wakau satisfies the desire of fans to stay updated and closely connected with the daily lives of their favorite celebrities. It is their chance to gain intimate insight with legitimate access while at the same time being fun, easy to use and just so happens to give them bragging rights. Whether you are a Bollywood fan or a cricket enthusiast, you can pick your celebrity of choice. Eventually, Wakau will become a library of exclusive celebrity-led content for his or her life.

The JetSynthesys Partnership

JetSynthesys offers potential partners the opportunity to create exclusive content by capturing the rights to a group or genre of people in the limelight. The global potential of enabling access to world-wide celebrities has tremendous monetization possibilities. JetSynthesys has the technological capabilities to secure a large part of the 1.3 billion Indian market share. Working together will lead to enhancements, thus, augmenting the viewing experience for consumers and in the process becoming market leaders.

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