MereeDhun is a personalized music and voice service powered around ringback tones on mobile devices and a celebrity caller tune service utilizing the voices of popular Indian celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan. The app recognizes a world increasingly revolving around connectivity and celebrity worship and integrates both the needs into one service.


Using proprietary technology, the personalization feature gives people a chance to identify with their favorite celebrity and revel in stardom by association. There is a certain thrill of having the voice of your favorite celebrity answering your phone or having your name substituted in lyrics of your favorite song. The music and greeting content is available across platforms as well as in a retail format with personalized greeting cards available at retail locations with hardly any wait time. MereeDhun makes the process easy with a quick turnaround between application, processing and presenting the final version.


Customers get a vicarious pleasure in being associated with their favorite celebrity. The personalized greeting card allows for easy and fun gifting options to be shared with friends and family. Customers can co-create a product around Bollywood adding to stickiness and enhancing lifetime value for the customer. An entertainment value is also created for callers dialing in.

The JetSynthesys Partnership

The partnership provides an opportunity for music content that can be personalized and technologies that can advance this personalized experience. JetSynthsesys can not only produce the music but also offer technical support that’s not available elsewhere.

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