Rudraksh, a multi-designer retail venture has introduced over 200 designers to Pune and aims to create a personalized luxury shopping experience. When it was launched in 2008, it immediately became a trailblazer for curated fashion. Its dedicated clientele benefit from a product mix that has been specially curated with an eye not only on product design, but also price value. 


The attention to product merchandising and client experience has made Rudraksh a market leader. In February 2014, Rudraksh went digital with its e-commerce store, applying the same care for online experience as it did with the offline experience. In July 2014, the first franchise in Vadodara was inaugurated. In Oct 2015, post its acquisition by JetSynthesys it has made a big leap to explore digital technology-first domains in luxury fashion retail. The emphasis is to merge technology and big data analytics to drive a go-to curated content, mobile and e-commerce destination not just across India, but globally.


Time is of the essence and not everyone can afford the luxury of shopping at a physical location. Having fashion accessible online with celebrity endorsements and specially curated fashion makes the experience accessible and exciting to anyone with a mobile phone. Rudraksh offers reliability, style, informed advice and great value for money. Almost 85% percent of the designers retailed online on the e-commerce store are exclusive to the brand, giving customers an edge. Many customers may have the ability to shop as far as financial means go, but they are unsure of the right look for them. At Rudraksh they get personal stylists who help with everything from clothes to accessories. The store in the Pune Market enjoys a near monopoly in the luxury space.

Indian fashion is nascent in a global sense and there is no one place for students, designers, fashion influencers, or industry bodies to converge and engage with the larger ecosystems. Rudraksh hopes to be this missing link.

The JetSynthesys Partnership

JetSynthesys brings technology expertise and access to best practices, whereas Rudraksh has niche domain expertise in Indian fashion with a knowledge of it’s ever-changing pulse. Rudraksh also has tremendous network leverage with its goodwill and loyal customer base over the years. We see it as the perfect marriage between two domain experts coming together to envision and capitalize on an opportunity that is being received as a game changer for Indian fashion.

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