PlayIzzOn is the gaming development and publishing company under JetSynthesys, providing a celebrity-based gaming experience with top Bollywood and Hollywood stars. It has exclusive global gaming rights of Sachin Tendulkar and Salman Khan along with a number of other Bollywood and Hollywood stars. It aims to be the leader in the global celebrity gaming space. JetSynthesys hopes to leverage the digital persona of celebrities to create a virtual celeb-city that will be world class and a go-to space. JetSynthesys’ technological capabilities in analytics and digital marketing are at par with the best in the world, thus, enhancing the value proposition to the end-consumer.


PlayIzzOn combines the best of two worlds: gaming rage and celebrity worship. Consumers get high-end mobile games created exclusively for them. They feel engaged, it appeals to their competitive spirit and the authenticated celebrity information is captivating. The one-on-one connect with celebrities in virtual space feels like a real life connection and appeals to celebrity worshippers. The built-in reward and recognition programs appeals to serious gamers bolstering their competitive spirit.

The JetSynthesys Partnership

An opportunity for extremely creative and independent studios from across the world to partner with an established company that not only provides technological support but knows the market well. JetSynthesys has access to 1.3 billion prospective consumers as well as exclusive gaming rights to top celebrities. It is a chance to grab a large market share of the underdeveloped Indian gaming market. There is a potential to become a large player in the gaming space, building gaming experiences and enabling effective monetization in the Indian gaming market.

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